Improvijazzation Nation (Issue 50); review by Dick Metcalf 

"....The recording is flawless, with a beautiful weave between the acoustic lines and the strings. Edwards has also (very successfully) integrated strong bass and percussives, which make for a far more interesting listen than much of the "new age" ambient stuff floating around these days.  A cup of wine, some cheese & a powerful stereo system playing music like this might change your life for the better!  This will not "turn your crank" if you're looking for improvised "out" music...but for those who want some sweet listening, it is excellent music that rates a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from this reviewer..."   

Feedback from Radio Stations: 

“Very Cool Music!” – Julie Freddino, WSHU 

“Fabulous!” – Cindy James, KRSC 

“Great Music!  Very melodic, versatile and majestic.....”  - Kaveh Nikpour, KCSM



The Muses Muse; review by By Ben Ohmart - 07/28/2003 

"Says the author, 'Spirit of the Mountain was inspired by numerous trips to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary with my wife and son. It is truly a magnificent place. When you stand on North Lookout and gaze out over the valley, watching these beautiful birds flying overhead, you can feel your connection with nature. My trips there have always had a strong spiritual aspect to them, and that was the inspiration for the music and title of this cd.’    Indeed, this 56 minute disc is chock full of wide-open instrumentals that really blow the wind for you. It is quite obviously music for climbing mountains: the journey, and the relaxation at the top. You should pick your own tracks for what gets you up there, and what keeps you there."


The Sounding Board; review by RJ Lannan, 12/22/2007 

"Everyone knows that the earth is a living breathing entity full of life and vitality and resounding with changes. Apparently it took a few million years for someone to translate that into music. Thus, we have Harrison Edwards' (and son's) new work- Mother Earth Symphony and you will like it. I did. Edwards offers his Neo-symphonic album as a musical companion to a journey of the spirit. It takes us through the eons of history and strata of metamorphoses of the planet we all share if only for a moment when time is measured geologically. His orchestral works range from the pastoral to whimsical and around to the heartening. There are nine tracks on the album with the ninth track divided into four movements and the impetus for the recording... 

   .....Harrison Edwards and son offers up an album of verve and color that would be a welcome travel companion on anyone’s walk-about, whether physical or spiritual. His compositions are intricate and exciting just like the discoveries to be had on every corner of the globe. No matter where you live, here is the music you can use every day in praise, in celebration and in dream making. Fare thee well."


Review by Lee Armstrong, March 2014 

Harrison Edwards' CD "The Undiscovered Horizon" explodes out of the speakers, grabs you by the ears and won't let your attention waver. This is a smashing set for those who love instrumental music. The opener "Kilimanjaro" has tinkling keyboards like magical mountain sprites dancing around as the stately melody swirls with inspiring beauty. This is totally unforgettable! "Eye of the Storm" is another gorgeous track with Edwards' keyboards fluid, fast and furious punctuated by a staccato pounding of chords that heightens the drama of the track. It's riveting! Other tracks like the lovely "Arctic Passage," the lush "A Walk Among the Trees" and the glorious "The Forest Cathedral" are also gems. By the last gorgeous track "The Setting Sun," we have been taken on a stunning sonic sojourn not to be missed! Enjoy! 


 Review by Michael Diamond, January 2014 

".....For me, The Undiscovered Horizon was a stellar listening experience, and I again want to emphasize Harrison’s abilities as a composer and arranger, especially in the way he adds a continually morphing quality and flow to his compositions. I have no doubt that this current release will find as much chart success as his previous albums, and indeed, likely even greater success, as listeners become more familiar with this superbly talented artist." 


Review by Kathy Parsons,  

The Undiscovered Horizon is the fourth release from Harrison Edwards. An eclectic assortment of musical styles and instruments, the twelve original tracks take the listener on an aural tour of places and cultures from around the world. Using keyboards, digital pianos, sound modules, and “soft-synths,” Edwards has a full range of instruments and effects at his fingertips, painting colorful images with sound and telling stories without words. His music is often powerful and dynamic like a film soundtrack, ranging from stately and symphonic to Techno-Dance with elements of solo piano, light jazz, and classical genres added to the mix.  .....The Undiscovered Horizon is a fascinating listening experience that is sure to put Harrison Edwards back on the charts.  


Review by Dana Wright - New Age Music Reviews, February 2014 

"Harrison Edwards has taken years of musical training and captured the elusive quality of nature in his new album The Undiscovered Horizon. Using classical techniques and modern technology, he has composed some original works that bring peace and tranquility to the listener. Simple pleasures like walking under a canopy of trees and watching a storm change a familiar landscape into a winter wonderland encapsulate this album. If you enjoy a twist of modern in your brew, then give this The Undiscovered Horizon a spin." 


Contemporary Fusion Reviews; review by Dick Metcalf 

.......Grand sweeping boundary breaking orchestrals Harrison Edwards – INTO THE UNKNOWN:  It’s no wonder that Harrison’s previous four CD’s have been in the Top 100 on New Age radio charts… and his wonderful new album is truly grand, with sweeping and boundary breaking orchestral work that will thrill your soul.   It was easy to make my choice for personal favorite of the dozen spirit-enhancing tunes offered up… the 5:09 opener, “First Light“, will sweep you away from the edges of darkness and into the dawning of a new day – and a new way of looking at the reality around you…    I give Harrison a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this splendid and inspiring musical adventure.  Get more information on Harrison’s website. .......Rotcod Zzaj...... 


Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck;  New Age Music Reviews 

.....This is incredibly beautiful music. All the instrumentation blends perfectly making for a soundtrack to find solace in the day, a quiet place in the heart and soul, or a time for regeneration of your energy. It all brings you light, filled with the emotive paintbrush of one talented artist that can be a self-sufficient music multi-tasker.   That is what music like this does for me, it pushes me to think and explore the possibilities of the subject matter that is being offered in the music and track titles… if you listen the music will reach out to you and give you this gift........   

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck;  October 8, 2019  


Into the Unknown Review by Kathy Parsons; Mainly Piano   

.....The album explores the concept that our spirits have always existed and always will. Each of the twelve tracks tells a story about a different phase in a spirit’s journey beginning with its birth at the dawn of time, the human journey of discovery, and the ultimate return to the spirit world. Sometimes quiet and soothing and sometimes vibrant and powerful, Edwards has created an epic yet poetic soundtrack for that journey...   Harrison Edwards tells an amazing story with his music in Into the Unknown, and I have no doubt that this album will do as well or better than his previous releases. If nothing else, it does much to soothe and give a feeling of hope, and we could certainly use more of both! The album is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, CD Baby and the various streaming sites..... 

Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano