Harrison Edwards

Harrison started his musical life as a drummer and percussionist, and transitioned to piano and keyboards in a desire to pursue his creative interests through the composition of his own original works.  He studied classical piano, was self taught in music theory, arranging techniques, and orchestration, and is always in pursuit of acquiring knowledge that will broaden and improve his skills as a composer.   His music features lyrical melodies that continuously evolve over changing harmonies ranging from classical to contemporary. Strong rhythmic percussion and bass lines, rooted in Harrison’s background as a drummer and percussionist, provide a solid foundation for his compositions.

“Very few things in my life are as fulfilling as composing an original piece of music.  When a pure moment of inspiration strikes, it is like having the energy of the universe flowing through your veins.  If you want to know what that feels like, try listening to the fourth and fifth movements of the Celtic Symphony (for string orchestra and six harps) by Granville Bantock.“

All of Harrison's music is composed using electronic keyboards, sound modules, and digital audio recording software.   His music is recorded, mixed, and produced at the Greenwich Studios of Arturim Records in Berks County, Pennsylvania.