Parallel Path

Harrison's first CD.

Parallel Path CD

The music for Parallel Path has been the result of several years of dedicated work, finding its inspiration from many of the natural wonders and simple pleasures in life.  In his debut release, keyboardist and composer Harrison Edwards has truly captured the awe and beauty of the majestic view from the mountaintops of Acadia National Park, the peaceful serenity of Skyline Drive, and the breathtaking, snow covered landscapes of Antarctica.  These are among the images recreated in this original collection of twelve richly orchestrated, instrumental songs.

The use of Harrison's unique blend of acoustic and synthesized instrumentation generated by an array of sound modules and synthesizers, has resulted in music that is imaginative and energizing.  The sounds of acoustic guitar, grand pianos, flutes, strings, percussion, and lush, exotic synthesized sounds evoke the imagery inspired by these experiences.


Spirit of the Mountain

Harrison's second CD.

Spirit CD Cover

In this, his second CD release, Harrison Edwards has created a collection of songs which capture the essence of the Hawk Mountain experience. As you stand on North Lookout, and gaze out over the breathtaking valley below, you can feel your connection with the majesty and beauty of nature. The sounds of echoing grand pianos, vibrant acoustic guitars, string sections, flutes, and a wide array of percussion connect the listener with the Spirit of the Mountain, inviting you to soar with the thousands of hawks and migratory raptors as they pass over Hawk Mountain each year during their fall migration.


The sanctuary at Hawk Mountain in Kempton, Pennsylvania is the world's most preeminent site for the study of migrating birds of prey. Through a series musical compositions, Harrison tells the story of Hawk Mountain from its beginning in the early 1900's, to the impact of Rosalie Edge (the founder of the sanctuary), and the arrival of Maurice and Irma Broun (the original caretakers of the mountain). The CD continues its story with a journey from fall migration through the arrival of winter, and into the return of the raptors in the spring.  To learn more about Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, click here to visit their web site.


Mother Earth Symphony 

Harrison's third CD.

ME Symphony Front CoverThe music in Harrison’s third CD release continues to build on his efforts to forge a distinctive and creative path in contemporary electronic music. Inspiration for the music on Mother Earth Symphony was founded in Harrison’s growing interest in spirituality and reverence for the Earth, as we the listeners are taken on a journey from our first breaths on planet Earth to our eventual return to the heavens above.  


The range and contrast of the music, from the soft and sublime acoustic guitar lines in “The Moon of Falling Leaves”, to the huge resounding exposition and development sections in the “Oceans” sonata allegro movement offer evidence of Harrison’s continued evolution as a composer and musician.  Also featured on this CD is a featured track titled “Blue Wind”, the debut composition by Harrison’s son, Zach Edwards.   The melody for the song, composed by Zach at the age of nine years old in an elementary school music class, represents his first commercial recording.


The Undiscovered Horizon

Harrison's fourth CD.

Cover Photo“The Undiscovered Horizon,” the long-awaited fourth CD by Harrison Edwards is now available.  For fans of his music this new release offers a familiar mix of big, dramatic contemporary instrumental pieces featuring blends of exotic synth sounds, piano, percussion, strings and acoustic guitars.  A CD by Harrison Edwards would not be complete without a few neo-classical tunes, and he has even included  an up-tempo song with elements of Techno/Dance music.   The music for The Undiscovered Horizon came from several years of musical notes kept in a manuscript book while working on a novel.   Harrison spent two years writing the music, completing the arrangements, and finalizing the mixing and mastering.   



Into The Unknown

Harrison's fifth CD.

Into the Unknown CD CoverThe music on this CD explores the notion that our spirits have always existed and always will.  Each song tells a story about a different phase in their journey, from their initial creation at the beginning of time, throughout their human journey of discovery, revelation, and finding peace, and about their ultimate return to the spirit world as they travel through eternity in search of the Great Mystery.